Figure 3: Uncertain parameters prior vs posterior distribution

Figure 4: Probabilistic forecast after HM solutions for 30 years

EDFM-AI Case study

          --- Unconventional reservoir applications – Reducing fracture uncertainties

Challenges: When a fracture job is designed, defining what is happening below the ground can be difficult. 

SimTech Solution:For this field case, AHM was employed to estimate uncertain properties of the reservoir and the fractures by validating the matrix permeability, porosity, and estimating fracture height, fracture half-length, and fracture conductivity, fracture water saturation based on the NN-MCMC technology (Fig. 1, 2 &3).   

Results: Using our powerful software, our clients will attain a better understanding of the reservoir properties based on posterior statistical distribution, reducing uncertainty of these complex subsurface properties. These parameters will be considered when deciding future optimized fracture designs in infill wells. Finally, probabilistic forecasts were assessed from the AHM for 30 years as seen in Figure 4.

Figure 1: History Matching Solutions

Figure 2: Relative permeability curves in a gas and water system