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​Yifei Xu, Wei Yu, Ningning Li, Ely Lolon, Modeling Well Performance in Piceance Basin Niobrara Formation using Embedded Discrete Fracture Model

EDFM Case study

          --- Field Application in Niobrara Tight Gas

That is a synthetic case. In a realistic case study in the Niobrara Tight Gas in Piceance Basin in West Colorado, different fractures have different permeabilities, dynamic fracture conductivity with time, and complex well trajectory.

This case was simulated using both LGR and EDFM for comparison. 

Geological condition: tight sand reservoir, natural fracture not considered

Location: USA

6 horizontal wells and 325 stages hydraulic fractures

Challenges: LGR with larger grid number and long computational time

SimTech Solution:replace hydraulic fractures with EDFM processor, run simulation with CMG.  

Results: Compared to LGR, EDFM greatly reduced the number of gridblocks, and correspondingly the CPU time, which means that we can obtain similar results with less computational resources.