Compare with traditional popular fracture simulation method, EDFM has better performance in Accuracy, Computational efficiency and flexibility, which provides a alternative for efficient fractured reservoir simulation)

EDFM flow chart (Xu et al., 2018)

SimTech EDFM Key Points 

  • ​​Works with any reservoir simulator containing non-neighbor connections

    • Creates a run deck for fractured cells & parameters in that simulator’s format

  • Result of fracture modeling is directly used in the reservoir simulator

  • No local grid refinement or unstructured grids required to incorporate fractures into the models

  • Can handle very complex fracture geometry and numerous fracture segments

  • Applications for unconventional and conventional fractured reservoirs

Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (EDFM)

Non-intrusive EDFM (Embedded Discrete Fracture Model)

Our team further develop the EDFM methodology and apply the model in the commercial simulators, in a non-intrusive manner. That mean there is no requirement to access to the source code of the simulator.  Therefore, engineers can choose their favorite simulators to model fractures.

The basic idea of EDFM is to represent fractures with grid outside the basic model and use special connections to model the fluid transport, the initial idea was proposed back to 90s. We use EDFM as a preprocess to perform the geometrical calculation. It provides a connection list to reservoir simulators and inside simulator, non-neighboring connections are constructed to consider the flow between fracture and matrix.