Software Development

  • Complex fracture generator
  • Auto-history matching
  • Data transfering


  • EDGS Suite and EDFM Processor training
  • Unconventional reservoir engineering short course
  • Numerical modelling technologies short course
  • Big Data application in oil industry

Theme Workshop

  • Hydraulic fracture EDFM simulation case studies
  • Complex fractured reservoir simulation with EDFM
  • Automatic History Matching with EDFM case studies
  • Conventional fractured reservoir simulation case studies 
  • DFN model strategy for EDFM
  • Invited topic

Simtech has expert staff to assist you with all your modeling and development needs.  

Modeling & Simulation Consulting

  • Geological Modelling
  • DFN & HFN generating
  • Complex Fracture coupling and simulating
  • Shale/tight reservoir simulation
  • Multi-composition gas reservoir numerical modelling
  • Unconventional EOR
  • Assistant-history match
  • Big Data application and deploying