EDFM Case Studies

SimTech AHM technology is now available and has been implemented in real field applications for assessing operators about future improved fracture designs and even new well placement optimization. 

Complex Fractured reservoir simulation solutions with EDFM method

Our team has recently developed and proven the best fracture modeling tool for simulating any and all types of fractures (hydraulic and natural) to enhance your existing reservoir models to drastically improve predictability and optimization/development strategies for both primary and enhanced oil recovery applications.  Having this capability is critical because fractures can dominate the results seen in the field.  This system can be swiftly integrated into existing frameworks for all reservoirs to perform more predictive sensitivity analyses, more representative history matching, and accurate production forecasting.  This physics backed system essentially incorporates any fracture framework (using real field data or understandings) and is called the Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (EDFM).

EDFM-AI Automatic History Matching workflow for Fractured Reservoir

Actual Field Well applications